Pfsense v2.3.5 fails to load certain "rc." files in event of power fluctuation

  • Hi all,

    Been having a very strange issues with many of our Pfsense v2.3.5 devices.

    In the event of power fluctuation after the device is restarted, we are unable to SSH or do port forwarding.

    When trying to SSH from the putty, after entering the password it goes back to the password screen without any error.

    When checked the error logs it gave the error "User admin not allowed because shell /etc/rc.initial does not exist"

    When counted the total number of rc. files in the /etc/ it showed total 56 files only, whereas other Pfsense v2.3.5 which didn't have any problems had a total of 74 files in it.

    This is the same with all the devices that we had the problem, where most of the rc. files are missing.

    I will attach the screenshot of the rc. files that are present in these devices.

    [Output file.txt](/public/imported_attachments/1/Output file.txt)

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Sounds like file system corruption. You might consider installing a UPS…

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