Lagg and Vlans

  • Hi,

    Not sure where to ask this there is no networking forum.

    I have a Lagg setup with Vlans 101 - 105.  I have a DMZ setup on 105 and it works fine in pfsense using Vlan 105. I want my LAN to use the Lagg right now it's using a single port nic and works great. When I go into Interfaces and switch it to Vlan 101 it stops working I can't get any Vlan101 traffic in or out of that Lagg. I know the lagg works because of the DMZ traffic uses Vlan 105.

    Can I just flip the Nic in Interfaces like I did? or do I need to do more?

    BTW I'm running a Cisco 3750g with a LACP setup with all those Vlans, but then again Vlan 105 works fine through it so I know the Cisco and Pfsense talk and work just can't flip the LAN to use the Lagg.


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