Cyberpower OR500LCDRM1U and apcupsd package issue

  • I recently bought a rack mounted UPS by Cyberpower, model OR500LCDRM1U , installed apcupsd pakage for power management. Initial boot seems ok but after awhile the system triggers "lost communication" message.  Using my previous setup with APC XS 1300LCD , everything works fine. So what did I miss, both uses USB cable, and both ups is detected by PFsense.

  • I've got a very similar UPS - it's the Cyberpower OR700LCDRM1U.  I also get "lost communication" messages, immediately followed by "communication established" messages.

    Mine aren't that frequent - maybe once every week or so.  I haven't concerned myself with it since they are relatively rare and always fixed immediately.

    Wish I had a solution, but at least you're not the only one.

  • I was never able to get the apcupsd package to work with my Cyberpower CP1500C. In your case, it sounds like it could be a driver issue. It doesn't make sense why it would stop working suddenly.

    In my case, I used the NUT package instead and it's been working smooth for months. I don't know if it's worth a try though because my setup is different. I don't have it connected to my pfSense box with USB. I have the UPS connected via USB to NAS on my LAN. That NAS also acts as my UPS server so pfSense is able to access the UPS info via the LAN. In the NUT package on pfSense, I just enter the server IP, port and the admin credentials of the server.

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