Installing PFSense with DDWRT + PIA

  • So I have a network that is set up as follows

    Line -> Modem -> DDWRT flashed linksys 1200 or 1900 AC router w/ wireless (i know it's one of the two) -> my devices such as phones, consoles, etc….

    I have everything that runs through the linksys to the world encrypted via PIA VPN. Literally everything on my network is behind the VPN.

    I don't like how DDWRT doesn't give you much in terms of firewalling and I've always felt it's more of an access point than anything else. So I wanted to get PFSense installed on an old Sonicwall or Firebox or something and install that to help better firewall my home vs the world.

    Any ideas on how this can be done or if it should be done? My only fear is that if I get pfsense and put it between my modem and linksys, it will see nothing but encrypted traffic rendering it useless, but if i put it behind my linksys, it will filter only the hard lines but not my wireless.

  • You could have pfSense set up with PIA and then run the Linksys as an access point only. Do a search, there are several guides on how to set that up.

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