Interface does not detect when WAN is back up, How can that be?

  • Hi,

    I'm running pfsense in a vm. As a test, I pull out the WAN cable, reboot pfsense, wait for a while before plugging the WAN cable back in.

    The WAN does not come back on even after hours, only if I reboot pfsense when WAN is active. Is that normal behavior?

  • Most likely pulling the physical cable doesn't cause the VM to detect a link-down event because the NICs in your VM are emulated in software. Think it as if there is a virtual switch between the physical cable and the WAN NIC of the virtual machine, pulling the cable will cut the connection only to the virtual switch but the "virtual cable" between the switch and VM will still be connected.

  • Hmm, is that what gateway monitoring is for? It is sending ICMP to ensure it is alive, no? So then, pfsense cannot be virtualized.

  • Gateway monitoring will detect that a gateway is down but it won't trigger a new DHCP lease negotiation on its own.

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    So then, pfsense cannot be virtualized.

    It can be virtualized fine. Just pass the NIC through instead of emulating one, or see if the VM can emulate a link-down event when the physical connection is interrupted.

    Btw. there is a dedicated board for that kind of questions:

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