Supported LTE bridge for WAN failover?

  • Are there community recommended LTE bridges to support WAN failover? I specifically want to use this with Ting on the T-Mobile network if that matters. I was looking at the NETGEAR LB2120-100NAS but the reviews suggest it blows for bridged mode and that T-Mobile forces some type of Carrier Grade NAT that doesn't work for me. I need my internet IP although dynamic is fine.

    My only other considerations is that I would like to run the antennas to my attic or roof so it would be great if it supports external antennas.

    Thanks for your time and recommendations!

  • See my recent post 'Netgear LB2120 as WAN failover'. It explains how I got the LB2120 working as my failover WAN.

    The firmware update for the Netgear LB series corrects the bridge issue. You can upgrade it directly from the LB2120's web administration.

    On the LB2120 itself, you'll need to have it connect to the wireless APN. This means that it is always on but that's what you need for a failover. You can limit the amount of pinging that the pfSense does to limit bandwidth usage under the pfSense Gateway Advanced section.

    I doubt Netgear would recommend anything but their antenna (Netgear 6000450 MIMO). If you go to an online LTE / antenna store, they might be able to provide you details on maximum cable length. That being said, unless you're carrier has exceptionally bad reception, or you're in a building that has shielding qualities, the antenna should be fine. Just using the internal antenna's I've got two bars or 3 bars, located 15 feet from an exterior wall.

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