Ath0: unable to reset hardware; hal status 12

  • Hey all,

    I get "ath0: unable to reset hardware; hal status 12" and sometimes "ath0: unable to reset hardware; hal status 0" when I try to activate my pci wireless card DWL-AG530.  It is an atheros based card so it should be supported?  Here is my setup…

    Compaq presario 5020
    350Mhz pentium II
    192 MB pc66 ram
    Lan    3com 10/100 ethernet pci card (rl0)
    Wan  3com DF6 3C5098-TPO isa card (ep0)
    OPT1  D-link DWL-AG530 wireless pci card (ath0)

    Running pfSense beta4 written in may 2006.

    Under status>interfaces>OPT1

    status              no carrier
    DHCP              up
    MAC                (******)
    ip add    
    media              autoselect mode 11g <hostap>channel            5
    ssid                  home-wireless
    In/out packets  0/0 (0 bytes/720 bytes)
    In/out errors   0/0
    Collisions       0

    Under interfaces>OPT1>general configuration

    type                DHCP

    Under interfaces>OPT1>IP configuration

    Bridge              Lan

    Under interfaces>OPT1>Wireless configuration

    Standard            11a and 11g

    Mode                Access point

    protection mode  off

    transmit power    99

    Channel              Auto

    The rest of the setting were left as is(I think).  No password security on the wireless network yet(I want to get it running first).

    General internet browsing is much slower when I am on the pfsense router (1 computer) than when I am on my linksys router.  I tested my bandwidth by downloading Open Office my results showed I download the file at about 3~4KB/s with pfsense router and 700~800 KB/s with my linksys router.  I have no idea what is going on there if anybody can help me I would appreciate it.  I can't enable traffic shaper because my isa card doesn't support ALTQ.</hostap>

  • is there a cable plugt in to the lan ?

    if not then opt1 is not working becourse lan is not precent and you bridged lan with opt1 so both has to be there to work

  • jeroen234, thanks for the reply!  I have checked, double checked, and triple checked all the wiring and hardware connections over the past day or two(long hours).  The Wan and Lan(DHCP server) work because I am currently using the router to post this message.  I did somemore research on another error message I recently got: "ath_set_chan: unable to reset channel 5 (24** Mhz flags …...."  The same was said for channel 10.  It appears that it has something to do with atheros driver and the eeprom settings on the DWL-AG530.

    There is a tutorial on how to change the eeprom setting.  Most people mention the value their card expresses is 0x12 but I think mine is set to 0 a "wild card" value.  Anyway setting this to 0x10 a "FCC" value should fix the conflict in channels.  Some guy named Sam explains it better.

    Since I am new to linux and don't have a linux machine it might take me awhile to go through the steps in the link above.  I don't even know how to compile file or patch one for that matter.  But that won't stop me from trying.  I just downloaded cygwin to try and the compiling and patching, wish me luck.

    Any feedback on this will be appreciated.......Like can I use pfsense get through the link tutorial and how...Thanks

  • I got it working!  I am not sure if this card can accept 11a/b/g at the same time through.  Currently I can only do 11b/g or 11a but not all three.  I am still waiting on another card to place on my laptop to accept 11a.  I am going to try and install d-links windows drivers in freebsd then put on pfsense (I don't even know how or if that is possible.)

  • b/g mode = 2.4 Ghz, A = 5.X Ghz. There is no way to run both at the same time.
    No matter what os and or driver you use, the radio can not handle both at the same time.
    If you need both you can add a second card.

  • Gotcha thanks for the info!

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