[ASK] squid configuration ??

  • Dear Pfsense..

    how to setup the right configuration squid in the pfsense, because i'm test before..there is no effect, if i want black list. Please review my configuration;

    • General settings -> proxy interface WAN, this is right ??
                                  Allow users on interface (yes)
                                  Transparent proxy        (yes)
                                    Enabled logging            (yes)
                                  Log store directory        (/var/squid/log)
                                  Proxy port                    (3128)
                                  ICP port                        (3130)                       
                                  Visible hostname            (localhost)
    • cache management -> Hard disk cache size      (20)
                                        Hard disk cache system (aufs)
                                        Hard disk cache location (/var/squid/cache)
                                      Memory cache size (10)
                                      Minimum object size
                                      Maximum object size


    -Traffic management ->  Maximum download size (5)
                                      Maximum upload size (0)

    i do not know, the squid working right or no ?
    the throttling is not working

    somebody help me ???

  • For starters proxy interface is lan and your cache sizes seems very small but since you didnt specify your hardware its hard to say if its 'wrong'.

    What do you mean by blacklist? You want to block certain sites? Theres squidguard package for that. And the throttling probably starts working when you change the WAN->LAn on the proxy interface.

    You can see if squid is working or not by going status->services

  • Hello. My squid+squidguard is working. I just want to block file extension .exe avi . All is working. But i dont want to log all. I just want squid to just block file extensions and block sites. Please what to do? I just dont want to log..


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