Ipv6 multicast allowed

  • I am allowing the entire ipv6 multicast space on my LAN (ff00::/8), but I'm seeing something in my FW logs which is weird, im seeing

    :: to ff02::2…

    What does the :: specify since im allowing all ipv6 multicast traffic on my LAN?


  • This is the log from the FW

    LAN Default deny rule IPv6 (1000000105)   [::]   [ff02::2] ICMPv6

    I'm allowing everything through to any of the multicast addresses, UDP and TCP.

    I don't see a default deny rule though, am I missing something?

  • I fixed it. I had to create an any/any rule on the LAN for icmpv6 traffic. There's actually an ICMPv6 protocol choice when your making a new rule for this specific thing. Once I did that those logs stopped showing up. Very little is using the rule, it's all been Link-Local addresses so far.

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