Routing: NIC team/Bond 2 interfaces on 2 PCs with 8 Port smart switch+1 LAN port

  • Hello,
    I'd like some help figuring out the networking/routing for this setup:
    1 8-port switch
    2 PCs with 2 NIC's each
    1 pfSense Box with a WAN, LAN, and OPT1

    |  pfSense |
    | SmartSwitch |
     | |       | |
     | |       | +-Port 2 -> Windows_PC_1
     | |       +---Port 3 -> Windows_PC_1
     | |
     | +-Port 4 -> Linux_Box_1
     +---Port 5 -> Linux_Box_1

    This is an 8 port gigabit smart switch, Link:

    Assuming I know how to setup NIC teaming on the 2 interfaces on the windows PC, and setup Bonding on the 2 interfaces on the Linux PC (so both PC's have combined interfaces), how would I set up the routing so I could get a 2 Gbps connection between the windows and Linux box using the switch, but also have a connection to the pfSense box (for internet usage).  I understand the link between the switch and the pfSense box will still be limited to 1gbps.  This is for high performance between the windows PC and Linux box (mostly large file transfers, and streams).

    Would I set up 2 VLANS on the pfSense box, LAN port? Say:
    VLAN1 on the LAN port, going to ports 2 and 4 on the switch and
    VLAN2 on the LAN port, going to ports 3 and 5 on the switch?

    Would it be a better setup to have VLANs between the 2 PCs, and one VLAN between ports 1, 2 and 4? I think that would be simpler, right?

    Could I get an example of the networks, and IP addresses on each interface?
    Say the LAN port is
    Port 1 would be, right? or a DHCP address

    what would ports 2,3,4, and 5 be addressed as? and their associated networks?

    I have an extra port on the pfSense box, would it be advantageous to setup another link between the pfSense box and the Smart Switch? I don't see a point in doing this, unless there is some routing overhead that the pfSense box could account for, or something like that.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I would return that switch if v2, they have firmware for v3 that is supposed to fix the vlan.  But v2 model you can not remove vlan1 from every port so its no better than a dumb switch.

    That is not a layer 3 switch, so you would do 2 vlans and pfsense would route between them.

    your vlans are tagged on the port connected to pfsense, and untagged to your PCs.

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