Hostnames not showing in ARP Table

  • I've assigned static IP addresses to most of the things on my home network.  How do I get the hostnames to display in the ARP table?  I've done a search here and come up short.  All the devices that are dynamically assigned are showing.

  • Arp tables don't show host names.  They only show IP to MAC address mappings.

  • Then why is there a column for them?  And why does it show them for the automatically assigned IP addresses?

    ![ARP Table.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/ARP Table.jpg)
    ![ARP Table.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/ARP Table.jpg_thumb)

  • That's an arp table maintained withing pfsense.  It's not the arp cache as used by freeBSD.  Go to a command prompt and enter the command "arp -a", which will show the contents of the arp cache.  If a host name is there, it's because something did a host lookup on the IP address.  An arp cache is used when trying to reach an IP address on the local net, by providing the MAC address for it.  A host name has nothing to do with that function.

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