Lanner FW-7525 reviews, would you recommend?

  • I am trying to decide if I should get a Lanner FW-7525.  How well does the hardware work?  Are you able to route using all the NIC ports and not just have them switched?  Is the dual core enough or is the quad core necessary?  How many watts power does it normally use?  Do you use the old fashioned compact flash or the SATA SSD?

    I am looking to use this with gigabit up/down connection.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Never used one personally but that is 6 individual interfaces. 4 from the i354 in the SoC and 2 additional i210s.

    It looks very similar to 7551 we used to sell a long while back. That should tell you it's an old design. I probably wouldn't buy that new now unless it was a very good price.


  • It looks closer to the SG-4860.  For the SG-4860 Active Connections: 8,000,000 looks a lot better then  Active Connections: 1.8 million for the newer SG-3100.  What is better about the newer one?

  • Netgate Administrator

    What's the advantage for the SG-3100 over the SG-4860?

    It depends what your use case is. Do you actually need 6 separate subnets?

    The total active connections figure is limited by the available RAM.


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