Mini itx build with active cooling

  • Please can some body suggest a motherboard in mini itx size. I have a minibox M350 case which i would like to use. The peak ambient temperature is 48C hence I need active cooling for this build. Any suggestions?

  • If it's for a home network, get a Gigabyte H270N and remove the wifi card. Motherboard has 2 Intel Nic.

    If your ambient peak temp is 48C, run a 240 radiator water cooler and look for a bigger case and a good thermal paste. The smaller the case the more it will radiate heat.

    I know it sounds crazy but heat is my number one enemy on ITX build. They don't last that long on hot weather climate.

    Also make sure you have a good quality power supply.

    Update the bios and run latest Pfsense on UEFI with ZFS partition.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I have a dual WAN setup so need a atleast 3 NICs. The M350 case comes with a 150W external brick is very well ventilated.

    How about low power boards like C2558 and C2758 from Supermicro? The only downside i see with them is they dont have active cooling on the heatsink. Hopefully, the ones being sold in the market dont have the nasty bug which causes them to fail in high temperatures.

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