Ansible integration - python in a different location

  • Hi guys,
    I'm looking to run playbooks against my pfSense installations.

    When running a generic ping from Ansible to the application, I get the following error: | FAILED! => {
        "changed": false,
        "module_stderr": "/bin/sh: /usr/bin/python: not found\n",
        "module_stdout": "",
        "msg": "MODULE FAILURE",
        "rc": 127

    When logging onto the application via shell, I can see Python 2.7 is installed, just under a different location:

    [2.4.3-RELEASE][root@hostname_here]/root: which python2.7

    Does anyone have any experience with changing this, or a workaround at all?

    I'm not all that familiar with FreeBSD and obviously don't want to break anything  :o

    Any advise would be great.

  • @dsgnr This is an Ansible configuration issue, see Ansible FAQ.


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