Pfsense after latest upgrade and win server dhcp problem

  • Hi All,

    A couple things have happened,  first I got a new server, windows server 2016.  When I setup the AD, I moved dhcp from pfsense to windows.  Every was running fine.  Then I upgraded to pfsense 2.4.3 and I didn't notice any problem.  But what I didn't realize is that dhcp wasn't working correctly anymore.

    Maybe because my network systems all had ip addresses everything appeared to be working.  Then I built two new systems and mysteriously can't get valid ip's from dhcp.  I'm going to try hardcoding in the non-dhcp range.  But my guess is is that something changed in the new pfsense causing devices to no longer be able to get new ip's from the pool.

    I've been reading on this forum and elsewhere, trying to research.  But if there is a definitive way to diagnose this situation I'd really appreciate knowing!



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    When I setup the AD, I moved dhcp from pfsense to windows.

    So your Windows server is now acting as DHCP server.

    Did you disable the DHCP service on pfSense?
    If not, do it.
    If yes, pfSense has nothing to do with it and you need to fix your Windows server.

  • Hi and thanks,

    Yes I had disables on pfsense when I originally made the switch to win server dhcp.

    Something has changed either in the last pfsense update or as you mentioned with windows dhcp.  But I'm not sure how to test.  All I know is that new machines cannot get a valid ip to join the network.  I'm trying everything I can think of.


  • Ok, fixed, windows dhcp hiccup.  A reset of dhcp fixed it!

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