IPsec Multi-Wan Failover Pfsense 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1

  • Hello!

    I have a PFsense firewall with 2 WAN connections. I created a gateway group with those interfaces.
    Also, I created an IPsec connection using the gateway group. The endpoint device of the IPsec tunnel is a Cisco firewall.

    The issue is the following:
    Once I disconnect the WAN#1 the IPsec connections start using the WAN2#. That is fine.
    But once the WAN#1 is online, the IPsec connection still running over the WAN#2. I need that when WAN#1 is back online, the IPsec switch automatically to that connection.

    The only way that I get to switch between the WAN connections is to disable the WAN#2. Once I make that, the IPsec tunnel start running over the WAN#1

    Someone knows if there is a script or feature to enable on PFsense to make that switch automatically?

    All the help with this request will be appreciated


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