Simple Dual WAN

  • I have been trying to create a multi wan connection but haven't had much success. Everything works fine as long as I use only one WAN line but if I try to use two then internet altogether fails. I read through the Multi WAN Guide but find it overly complex and without a real direction. I just want to utilize the two DSL lines at the moment. So if anyone could provide a little guidance it would be greatly appreciated.
    Hopefully these images can provide some insight to what I am trying to accomplish.


    However this is the current way things are:


    Ask specific questions!
    "Give me step for step instructions, to do X" wont attract many people to help you.

    Short version of the link you provided yourself:

    1: Set up basic IP configuration.
    2: Create a "gateway-type" balancing-pool under "Service –> Load Balancer".
    3: Use the balancing pool in the gateway-field in the firewall-rule on the LAN-tab.

    Your setup seems pretty standard.
    Since you have different IP's on the two WAN's it just works.
    If you follow the multiwan guide you should not have a problem

  • Thank you!
    Sorry for being vague, just wanted to get this up to prove its not my fault the mail stopped working. Ive configured it just have to wait to actually implement it. (A good admin doesnt do it in the middle of the day  ;D) Anyways thank you for putting it in simple terms. Will update when I try it out.

    Also the DMZ part gets me lost. I've done all the rest aside from the DMZ part.

  • Thanks so much guys! I've gotten the setup up and running. I've managed to turn off one WAN and internet still works! Once again thank you.

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