• I am running a fresh esxi 6.7 install and trying to Get pfsense on a VM.

    I connect to Internet via a fiber connection. I just use vlan 102 on the media converter and I Get a public ip.

    So far I am Unable to Get an ip on the VM. The server have four physical nics But when i set up vlan on the nic that is connected to the media converter pfsense dosent Get a public ip. Internal LAN ip works fine.

    I followed this guide:

    My older dedicated router computer work so the physical Network should be fine. Any idea how to Get this Setup working? Thanks  :)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Saying you followed guide X doesn't mean you actually followed it correctly, etc..

    Your going to have to show us your network in esxi..

    So you created a vswitch, connected to physical interface.  If you want the wan vnic of pfsense that is connected to that you either set your vlan ID on the vswitch port group, or you set 4095 on it to not strip tags and then setup your vnic in pfsense to understand the tag you want it to use.

  • Fantastic, setting the vlan id 4095 on the WAN port group solved the problem. Thank you for the assistance, highly apprechiated. :)

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