IPSec tunnel is up, but can not ping the remote site (network)

  • Hello,

    I configured IPSec site to site vpn for 2 Pfsense server as below:

    1- Site-A

    WAN interface IP
    LAN interface IP

    2- LAN interfaces:

    WAN interface IP
    LAN interface IP

    and add IPSec interface in site-1 as below:

    IKE Remote Gateway Mode P1 Protocol P1 Transforms P1 DH-Group P1 Description Actions
    V2 WAN AES256-GCM (128 bits) SHA256 14 (2048 bit) SiteB_GW


    Mode Local Subnet Remote Subnet P2 Protocol P2 Transforms P2 Auth Methods P2 actions
      tunnel LAN ESP AES256-GCM (128 bits) SHA256

    I did the same at site-B
    and also i applied the proper rules to each interface LAN, WAN and IPSec to pass the traffic.

    but the issue is that i am not able to ping from one LAN to the other LAN

    so please i need help to solve this issue

    Beat Regards

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