Problem upgrade 2.4.3 to 2.4.3_1

  • Hi.

    1. Update my pfsense from web.  of  2.4.3  to  2.4.3_1
      click upgrade…...  running.... download all packet.  and reboot.  apparently  all good. No problem

    2. When pfsense start,  them login  but,  in my dashboard  it's the same as before.
      it shows me that I have  the version 2.4.3  and  update available  to  2.4.3_1

    3. Re-run  web update.
      from here it does not happen: Please wait while the update system initializes

    4. cli:  pfSense-upgrade -d      but  Nothing happens.

    The funny thing that pfsesne is working normal, but I can not update.

  • Netgate Administrator

    How long did you wait after the upgrade rebooted?

    What hardware are you running on?

    On some older hardware or slow boot media the webgui can start significantly before the upgrade has completed. If you login at that point it may report the old version still. If you are connected to the console you will see the boot has not completed, the boot menu has not been shown yet.

    What error is shown on the CLI when you try to upgrade again?


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