Netgate SG-4860 red status light and frequent restarts and other issues

  • Hi guys,

    I have a Netgate SG-4860 that I purchased in February 2018. Its recently developed a series of issues.

    1. It intermittently restarts, at first I thought the power wire was being pulled by someone by mistake, but it looks like its been doing this on its own. I had an internet disconnection today only to find the SG-4860 had turned itself on and was showing a red light for Status and SATA. Eventually it came alive again after I let it rest a bit without power and reconnected it.

    2. Snort on PFSense randomly cuts out Snort services on interfaces, which leads me to have to go into PFSense and turn them on again. I assume this is related to whatever issue is causing the system to turn off.

    3. PfSense sits in a DMZ within a WAN as I cannot bridge the telco modem. This has been fine, but I recently, after the latest update it cut off the entire LAN from the WAN. The Gateway settings were correct but nothing I did resolved the issue. Ultimately I factory reset the device and re-configured it, and this resolved the issue. I've since removed the block Bogon networks feature in the event the new update conflicted with my DMZ after the new update.

    All this leads me to a concern, especially after the red SATA and Status lights and intermittent cutoffs, that my SG-4860  is facing some sort of ssd file corruption.

    I'd appreciate any help, or if there is advice to resolve this via the Warrenty

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    Please raise a ticket at so we can help troubleshoot this with you.

    Thank you,


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