Losing Gateway IP when rebooting Lan Switch and Lan computers.

  • O.K. I will be the first to admit I have not got much knowledge regarding
    network set ups etc… This setup below works fine except I keep losing the lan
    connection when I reboot lan switch and lan computers.

    my setup :-

    internet -> pfsense router -> lan nic( -> Switch -> computer 1(dhcp)(dns are isp's dns)
                                                                                          -> xbox      (dhcp)(pnp-open nat)
                                                                                          -> computer 2(dhcp)
                                          Opt1(dmz)(> server(static ip)port80 forwarded from wan
                                          Wan nic[pppoe connect to isp](static ip)

    I have everything working fine but when I switch off both my lan computers
    and the switch I lose access to the routers lan nic upon reboot.

    I can boot up both switch and computer 1 and get no gateway ip or lan access but computer 1 ip is still there.
    If I then reboot the computer 1 the ip address reads still no access.
    I must reboot the Pfsense router and then I get the isp's gateway ip under gateway come up, still no access.
    I can then reboot my computer 1 and it then gets correct ip assigned and works fine, finally with a gateway ip address that's correct.

    Someone with experience will no doubt know why this behaves in this way
    but I can't find anything. I don't want to leave my lan up all the time
    nor go through rebooting everything.

    The Dhcp server is up for the lan nic and lan computers are set to use Dhcp to obtain ip.

    Any helpful pointers thanks.

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