Ubuntu 18.4 Server behind pfSense. Having trouble with DHCP ..

  • Hey,

    I have installed Ubuntu 16.4 and Ubuntu 18.4 on my home server and I am having major trouble with the DHCP setting and getting out too the Internet. I have managed too establish contact with the like of "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get upgrade" in the main terminal but when downloading any files such as Ubuntu's Server GUI I am having major problems.

    In pfSense I have selected my VPN Providers DNS and also have listed. I have also disabled IP.Ver: 6, as in removing it from the WAN interface along with blocking all IP.Ver: 6 Traffic.

    My home server is unable to resolve the DHCP issues. I have attatched an Ethernet Cable directly from my Home Server too my pfsense firewall just too see if that would make any difference. I'm not sure really what but I thought I'd try it.

    When setting up Ubuntu I opted for when I had too set up the connection manually. I'm not really sure what I'm doing but I thought it mite help.

    I'm getting error messages in Ubuntu that; "Connection Timed Out." and "Unable too resolve request."

    In Ubuntu I tried too edit, "sudo nano etc/resolve.conf" too being googles public address but that was no help.

    Has anyone any ideas and if so can they help please.

    Thanks gyes in advance.

  • there is not enough info to go on....

    Start by removing all VPN related configuration .... then reboot to be sure all routes are cleared.

    a)do you get an ip from pfsenses dhcp server ?
    b)can you ping from the client to pfsense?
    c)can you ping from the client to
    d)can you ping from the client to google.com?

    If you manage to get 'd' working, start adding the VPN stuff back in

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