Markdown formatting update

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    To get back some of the formatting features we had on the old forum, we activated an extended markdown parser that allows for more advanced formatting, such as:

    • Colors (there is a %(#0008fa)[color] %(#f01158)[picker] in the %(#009e47)[toolbar])
    • Grouped code so you can have tabbed views of multiple code blocks
    • Text alignment/justification
    • Tooltip text °text°(like this) and it also supports font awesome icons
      • °fa-info°(or like this)
    • Anchor links for jumping a points in a post
    • Text heading with backgrounds
    • Admonishments like info, important, and warning boxes

    There are buttons in the toolbar for most of those, see the link in the first paragraph for info on how to do them manually.

    Package maintainers, for example, may find these especially useful for updates or sticky info posts.

    !!! info: Feel free to use this thread to play with the formatting

  • Galactic Empire

    This post is deleted!

  • Galactic Empire


    !!! info: %(#ff0000)[Info text goes here]

    !!! important: %(#00ff00)[Important text goes here]

    !!! warning: %(#0000ff)[Warning text goes here]

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