Minor bug with routing web interface

  • Hi!

    On the fresh 2.4.2-release (amd64) I added first gateway and DID NOT set it as default. After saving interface shows me that my new gateway is default.

    But actually it is not. I cat see it in console.

    If I open this gateway for edit I see check on "default gateway" option. If I'll save it once with option checked it begins to work as expected - If I save it again even without option "default gateway" checked, it works - web interface shows that my gateway is default and I can see that it is so in console.

    Same on latest 2.4.3-release-p1.

  • I wonder if this is a more prevalent bug that other people are noticing as well. I had something similar happen and I thought it was rather weird. At least the interface still shows and recognizes the gateway.

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