How to shape 3 Lans with ALLmax up- and download?

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry if I overlocked it but I can't find that hopefully easy solution for my task. I have 3 networks and all running with standard wizard preq shaping.

    My network conection is 30 download 10upload. So is every Network set (30/10) and when there is full load on them, they bloat the network. Now with the new VOIP that is coming I need to set a Limit of 29/9 when all are using the network and the internet conection should always be freed up with 1/1.

    There is no Voip in any of the 3 Lans, it is a special piece of hardware that comes after the pfsense which does the dial in and emulate my ISDN.

    Thank you for your help!


  • Here is some illustration of my still existing problem.


    How can I limit this that all network never go over 25mbit?

    The 25000 shown was just a test... there is now a 20000.

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