Outlook signature issue (hosted Images)

  • I am having an issue since monday, We have a Hosted exchange server and we use outlook clients to connect to it, we have html signatures with links to images on a public available web server.

    Since monday if a user clicks new email it hangs and the whole machine freezes, If I remove the signature the problem disappears, If I bypass the proxy (Transparent + Squidguard) then I also do not have the issue.

    From behind the proxy I can browse directly to the hosted images, it is only via outlook that this is occuring, I also updated from to 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 recently.

    I had a suspicion that this was a caching issue so set the HDD cache to 0 and cleared it, I additionally deleted the cache directory (user/var/squid/cache).

    In the squid access table I see now that I get the following :

    TCP_INM_HIT/304 for all signature files, I cannot find INM in the squid cache documentation, what does it mean?

    squid 0.4.43_1
    squidGuard 1.16.4

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated

  • to add to the above:

    I moved the cache directory back to the default /var/squid/cache then set:

    Hard Disk Cache Size = 0
    Hard Disk Cache System = null

    restarted squid and now I am getting TCP_MISS/304 for the signature pics, should I not be getting 200 code ?

    I can still browse directly to the signature files via browser but get the following in Outlook:

  • I cant seem to edit my original post, thats the reason for the replies, I hope this is not an issue

    Update: I have started getting the following as well for signature images:
    TAG_NONE_ABORTED/000 - -

  • Have you restarted the router since you deleted the cache directory? When did you update to 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1? Or was it still working after you updated?

  • Hi

    Many thanks for the reply,

    I upgraded it from 2.4.3 to 2.4.3-p1.

    I restarted the pfsense box and the router again to eliminate that and noticed a couple of new status's in the Squid access table with regards to the signature files.


    The images are still not being displayed in outlook. :(

  • I think the NONE_ABORTED is because it can't retrieve the images from the cache.

    Can you set the hard disk cache size back to what it was previously?

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