Creating a package around a set of python scripts

  • I've got a set of python scripts that I manually copy to pfsense and launch at boot but I'd like to ideally wrap them in a package that I can install, and have a webui that would expose the configuration along with a service start/stop function.

    Based on what I'm seeing on the package create documentation, it appears that I would actually have to create a freebsd port for this first, and then just wrap a webui around that, is this the only way?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    A FreeBSD port is the heart of it. You can look at other small and simple packages to get an idea of how they work. For a GUI, it depends on what you need. If it's a few settings then using the built-in XML package GUI method may be easiest, otherwise you can code up a small PHP page to do what you need.

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