Needed features

  • While the new board generally works OK, it's missing 2 important things:

    1. A "Mark read" button in each subcatagory. Instead of the single click we used to have, we now have to click twice to reach the subcatagory list and then click on the one we want, then another couple of clicks back to the category list.

    2. Please show which subcatagories have unread messages. That was on the old board, but we now have to check each and every category to see if there are unread messages.

    On these 2 points alone, the new board requires a lot more clicks than the old.

  • Rebel Alliance Moderator

    Don't want to argue with you on the points but just asking:

    1. mark read button: if you mark them all as read, why bother in first place or is that something only done occasionally e.g. after holidays and not been online quite a while? Otherwise, why not "mute" the new post notification completely for that forum?

    2. similar to above, why not configuring only for these forums you actually read e.g. daily and want to be notified of new posts - and then use the new post button on top to go through them all?

    I wanted to ask similar questions like you, then noted, that I personally only checked 3-4 forums actively for new posts and just scroll through some other forums otherwise. So i set them all to "unwatched", setup only those 3-4 forums to "watch" and otherwise set the "watch" button on those topics/threads I'm involved or that I want to know if further posts are available (like e.g. fq_codel shaper but otherwise ignoring the vast amount of other new posts in that subforum).

    Just wanted to show the other usage possibility, perhaps it may be useful for you :)

  • @jegr

    1. I'll look at the topics in a subcatagory and read some of them. I then use "Mark read" for the topics I'm not interested in. This is something I do every time I go to a subcategory.

    2. I don't want email coming to me from the board. I already disabled notifications for that reason.

  • Rebel Alliance Moderator

    1. I see, then I understand why you'd need that button. As said, I just hop through the forums, new or not and make a quick read over the topics listed.
    2. I didn't meant emails/notifications. You can disable that (I did). Just wanted the alert bell or unread message counter for those topics I subscribe to

    But thanks for your reply, always interesting how some do the same but different :)

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