NDP Proxy to get badly implemented IPv6 working

  • I got a server from OVH and their IPv6 implementation is crap.
    They only provide one /64 that is not routed. So you need to proxy NDP to split the /64 in smaller networks and route the addresses to the VMs.

    I found a lot of threads when searching in the last few days but there seems to be no real solution.
    Switching to a different provider is not an option for me.

    Here are a few of the threads I found:

    What I need is a package, that provides a ndp proxy and a simple webinterface to handle the settings that are needed for proxying.
    I read somewhere https://www.freshports.org/net/ndproxy/ could eventually be used for this but I don't have the knowledge to implement it myself.

    No idea what would be the right price for this kind of project.
    I'll start with 100$ and maybe other users will add some money to the bounty.

  • Rebel Alliance

    why not just get a HE tunnel.. you can get a /48

    Not sure what your wanting to to do exactly but splitting a /64 into "smaller" prefixes is borked..

  • I had a tunnel from he.net for at least 5 years.

    The quality decreased constantly and now I'm at a point where I simply don't want to use it anymore.
    A few years ago I was able to get ~300Mbit/s and now I only get ~35Mbit/s.
    The total bandwith i can get through the tunnel would be okay for what I need but I host a few game and voice servers and Packet loss or high RTTsd are a big issue.
    Even if it occours only for a few seconds.

    EDIT: I only need a few IPv6 addresses (16 to be precise). SLAAC or other things that require a whole /64 is not needed.

  • Rebel Alliance

    Did you contact HE about your issue?

    Running a NDP proxy is not the correct fix here. Why don't you just get your own IPv6 space and route to your hosted location yourself..

    Thinking you can subnet your /64 down is borked plain and simple.

  • Running a NDP proxy is the only fix I can think of.
    OVH does not route PI address space and they also don't give me another routed subnet.

  • Rebel Alliance

    Then move.. If they will only give you 1 /64 and will not even route your own space.. Then F them and move - that is the correct solution.

    Not like OVH is the only game in town - its a HUGE planet with lots of places to host your stuff. These providers will not fix their broken shit until people do not pay them for the crap they serve.

  • I know their implementation is crap and not to spec but at the moment I can't do anything about it.

    I already wrote "Switching to a different provider is not an option for me." in my opening post.
    I want to get NDP proxy working and not switch provider.

  • Rebel Alliance

    100$ bounty prob not going to be enough..

    Good luck...

  • Thank you.
    What do you think would be an appropiate amount of money for this task?

  • Rebel Alliance

    How many hours of work... Seems like quite a few to me.. So unless you get lucky and someone writes it up for their own use and shares it. You have to provide enough incentive for someone to do all the work.

    $100 at best at best cover an hour worth of work - this is clearly more than 1 hour to implement, etc.


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