Network analyzer

  • Hi all!
    i'm a network administrator looking to implement pfsense in a test environment before i can offer it to clients. i am looking for a way for me to drill down the network and see network usage by mac address or ip address. so then if i want to see why a network is slow, i can point right at it. is it also possible to see which user is going what? just like seeing that ip-address is watching youtube?
    also, i am looking for a recommenced solution to block sites even if they are https (which ddwrt cannot do :/)
    thank you so much!

  • Hi. You can use Squid together with SquidGuard to block websites.
    And Lightsquid is web proxy reporting tool that you can see which user or ip address has visited what websites.
    With ntopng package, you can see network usage of ip addresses, which ip address is using most bandwidth and etc.

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