PBR does not work 2.4.4-DEV Fri Jun 01

  • Hi, I do not know from which snapshot, but it looks like PBR does not work anymore.
    I have the following settings. Assign Open VPN as intrface.The URL-table contains certain IP addresses that are accessible through the VPN tunnel and the corresponding firewall rule: source LAN - destination TABLE - gateway VPN gateway. Traceroute to destination from TABLE passes through WAN gateway but must through Open VPN.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Not a lot to go on based on the description there, the topic as stated is not likely to be exactly true.

    If you look under Diagnostics > Tables, does the table in question have anything inside?

    What do your other rules look like? Does the rules list counter show any hits to your rule?

  • My fault. Not enough performed a network interoperability check. The problem is on the Open VPN server side.
    Thank you jimp.

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