Lost password PFSense SG-2220 / and software updates

  • A couple years ago, I upgraded the software and somehow the password no longer worked. Not having time to look into it, and the router still working, I let it be. Now it's still working, but I'm concerned the software is outdated and has security problems. However when I go to login page at the bottom it says "Copyright 2018". Does the router keep itself updated? I'd like to restore the password, but it's not an urgent fix if the software is reasonably up to date on security. That Copyright notice might be dynamically generated pulled in from the Internet not reflecting the actual date of the software.

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    You can find the steps to regain access to your appliance here: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Locked_out_of_the_WebGUI

    Once you've regained access, you should be able to get on latest stable from System > Update in the GUI or option 13 on the console.

    No, the appliance does not update on it's own.

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