NAT and Firewall to Mail Server Problem

  • Hi guys,

    I have four networks using pfSense as firewall and Untangle in bridge mode as UTM machine, they have identical configurations wherein a SMTP server is using a 1:1 NAT however one of the network is exhibiting an odd behavior i.e., connection to port 25 failed is always what I get whenever I telnet to the said SMTP server from outside the network, and this the only one behaving this way. My pfSense version is 1.2.2 if that matters, I'm also attaching the screenshot of my WAN rules wherein the MailPorts alias is mapped to port 25,110,143,993,995 and 587 respectively.

    I can telnet to port 587 (mail server's second smtp port) but not port 25 and I'm using the same ISP for all the pfSense boxes which is weird.

    Need help.



    ![fw.ddb.local - Firewall- Rules_1233410543793.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/fw.ddb.local - Firewall- Rules_1233410543793.png)
    ![fw.ddb.local - Firewall- Rules_1233410543793.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/fw.ddb.local - Firewall- Rules_1233410543793.png_thumb)

  • Are you logging the rules?  Does your firewall show a green light passing the traffic?  Maybe try breaking the ports apart to test.  What if you remove the untangle and go direct to the pfsense?

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