Having some DNS/VPN-difficulties

  • Hey,

    I just setup OpenVPN so that my NAS/uTorrent-box is on VPN, whereas the rest of the computers on the network aren't. This was done through two aliases; one with the computer in question and one with all the other computers. Then two firewall -> LAN-rules that point them to the proper gateways. This all works fine.

    Here's, what I'm having difficulties with. All the computers on the network that aren't running on the VPN are getting the proper non-VPN IP-addresses, but if I run DNS-checks on them, the DNS-server is reported as being the IP of the NAS-box running on VPN. And in Sweden. Which is where the VPN is pointing. What's causing this? How do I fix it? I don't know if this was at all understandable. Hope it was :)

  • Solved this one myself. For some reason, the DNS added to the general settings was never kicking in. Don't know why. But I solved my problem by adding the VPN providers DNS to the static mapping of the VPN-computer, and then added the DNS I wanted for the rest of the network to the DHCP of the LAN-interface. No idea if this is the proper procedure, but it works. No matter how un-elegant it might(?) be. My network no longer lives in Sweden, and YouTube is no longer giving me swedish ads.

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