DNS Resolver with Bridged Interfaces

  • Hi all,

    Please help.

    I have a total nightmare with my first pfsense build, hopefully I am missing something. I have my wired LAN on one NIC and a Wifi card on my box.

    LAN is setup with an IP of
    Wifi No IP
    Both bridge together.

    Even with the firewall rules fully open the Wifi it can't talk to DNS Resolver on pfsense. It is working perfectly on the LAN connections. I been using NSLOOKUP to test the connection.

    Everything else works perfectly and devices are talking through the bridge.

    To keep the DNS resolver working on the wired side at the minute I put a NAT to forward all DNS data to an external DNS server but that is losing me a lot of things that I wanted from PFsense.

    Thank you in advanced.

    Giles PJ

  • I managed to solve it at last.

    It was all to or with ordering or primary interface. As a last ditch attempt I swapped the wired and wireless around and suddenly DNS Resolver on both!

    If you bridging try putting the IP address on the internal wireless interface and adding the wired NIC to it.

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