pfSense and Netflix M7111-1331-5059 proxy error

  • I recently noticed that Netflix is not working on any devices that use my pfSense router. I'm not 100% sure that this is related to pfSense, but I installed an SG-3100 when my ISP changed my IP address a month or so ago. I also added an HE.NET IPv6 tunnel at around that time.

    I have two DSL connections and hosts are directed to one or another via DHCP. The second is an OpenWRT box. None of the hosts using OpenWRT are having issues with Netflix. Both external IP addresses are on the same subnet.

    The devices having issues are a Google Pixel 2, an ASUS Chromebook (Android App and Chrome), an macOS (Chrome) system and a Ubuntu 16.04 (Chrome) system. AFAICT the Chromebook is not using IPv6 (watching tcpdump on the pfSense box). However I disabled my HE.NET interface, DHCP6 and RA and IPv6 on the LAN with no change.

    I'm not using a VPN with pfSense and have not installed Squid.

    Any suggestions for continued debugging?

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