Problems with multicast IPTV streams after upgrade to 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1

  • Hi together

    I upgraded my pfSense installation (on VMWare ESX) to 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 some days ago.
    Before my instance run more then 50 days without reboot or issues.

    Yesterday I noticed, that my IPTV streams didn't work right now. After a longer research with the video player, ESX, Switch & Router I rebooted all my stuff an it comes to work again...
    after only a few hours it was broken agian. (Video stop playing after about 1 minute)

    Today I relized, that reboot the pfSense seems to resolve the problem temporary.
    Only restart "igmpproxy" in services tab didn't help. So... any idea how I can get more useful log to help solve this problem?

    I didn't change something in config of my pfsense (rules, igmpproxy, interfaces or something other).

    Edit: now, after 38 minutes of uptime it happens again :(

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