Clasification don't work?

  • Hello,
    it's given a simple home setup with 100Mb Dl and 10Mb Up.
    i've started the shapper wizard with one WAN, chose HFSC, select different options and important one "PenaltyBox". All finished ok.
    The Penalty IP is configured to go to qOthersLow.
    Default queue is qDefault.
    The LAN is PRIO, the WAN is HFSC, i'm interested to shappe the WAN.

    starting the PC with the IP of Penalty (Penalty-IP), doing an upload from it. And i would expect to see his traffic in the qOthersLow, BUT NOT it's in qDefault.

    what i've done wrong?

    did, clear states, reboot, move around the rule order, nothing.
    it don't match
    @65(1528041495) match on vmx0 inet from to any label "USER_RULE: Penalty Box" queue qOthersLow
    [ Evaluations: 382 Packets: 0 Bytes: 0 States: 0 ]
    [ Inserted: pid 29318 State Creations: 0 ]

    i'm running latest version available -> 2.4.3-p1 on a esxi VM.


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