Hard Drive Usage Worries?

  • Hi

    Looking at finding and clearing what is taking up so much space.

    I am currently at around 50% of disk usage. Have only Suricata installed that is doing anything.

    New to all this.

    Attached screen shots of narrowing down space users.




    Any ideas where to go from here? Drill deeper which one? These screen shots were of drilling down into the biggest ones.

  • Netgate Administrator

    It's almost certainly /var/log/suricata if that's all you have installed.

    It looks like you have had Snort installed at some point. That could also be using space for logs and can be removed if it's not installed currently.


  • Thanks for that. I sort of had a gut feeling it would be Suricata.

    I thought the settings allowed for the logs to be regularly emptied but that seems to be not working or either I did not set them up correctly. I will take look and see what I can find out.

    Yes I did have Snort installed at one stage but removed it. So I guess I will have to learn how to delete that data that remains.

    Much appreciated your reply.

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