Still looking at Wan Accel

  • I know that i am starting to be come a pest about this topic, but when i went to post that i found something that could help, the post was locked buy an admin.

    so here is what i found

    Same guy building Traffic Squeezer. he now has a working alpha and by the screen shots looks like it is doing what it should be doing as far as getting TCP to shut up and send.
    I would also like to mention that i have now 2 pfsense units running on a vm on esxi and the other is a standalone install on a p4 3.2 ghz, 1gb ram. and 2 site to site vpns and 14 roadwarriors. i am also going to be running extensive VOIP though this machine.
    I am very happy with all the versitality this unit can offer and suggest it to all my peers who are looking to make a firewall purchase, or a traffic monitoring purchase. so far i have saved 2 companys from making the big $$$ mistake, by switching them to Pfsense.

    Team you guys are doing all us (not soo good programmers) an enourmous favor by keeping this product alive and thriving.
    i will contunue to use and put this product to the test and push it to all my local fellow IT guys.


  • It didnt get locked by an admin/mod.
    If you look at all the other thread from this time you'll notice that they are all locked as well.
    After a thread has a certain age it gets autolocked.

    After looking at it i'm not sure if you even can port it so it can be a package in pfSense.
    It looks more like a standalone product.
    A bit like pfSense (you couldnt take the pfSense GUI and put it on a standard FreeBSD install just like this).
    If it is possible it certainly is a LOT of work.

  • Honestly, apart from package coalescing I don't see anything in this product that pfSense not already does. For example if you use OpenVPN between two sites, you can also compress your traffic with LZO. And this compression works extremely well. Today for example, I surf much faster via OpenVPN than directly on the Business network where I currently am. Quality of Service is introduced via the Traffic Shaper in a very sophisticated way. Finally, pfSense has no “limited” firewall features but is a professional fullscale firewall.

    Facit, I don't think you will need that thing integrated somehow.

  • shortly after i posted i reread some things on that site and just rammed my foot down my mouth ;D

    Guys (everyone) you are all  doing a great job on this project and yes in my site to site the lzo is a definite to have running. i also agree that it is almost faster to run over the vpn tunnels with lzo running.

    keep up the great work. i just upgraded the 1.2 rc4 to the 1.2.2 release and so far so good. couple of hicups but alls well with a little persuasion.


  • I now also had a deeper look at the Documentation of this project. I must admit, that they promise more on the main homepage that they can hold. For example QoS is not implemented yet :-)

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