Pass port traffic from home router > pfsense VM > gaming server

  • I want to setup a gaming server on a physical host I have at home. I am having trouble passing traffic through my home router to the pfsense VM, to the gaming host.

    My network looks like this:

                       Home Router > pfsense VM    > gaming server
    bridged adapter > 
    internal network         >

    My pfsense VM is using a bridged network adapter ( so my home router sees it like it is a physical host. Also, on my home router, I have configured as a DMZ address. The pfsense VM also has another internal adapter with assigned as a static IP.

    My gaming server has internet connectivity, but the ports do not appear to be open on the server.

    I think I have to setup a NAT but I am unsure of how to pass ports 2302-2306 from my PFsense router ( to my gaming server (

    Can anyone help me do this or give me suggestions on where to start?

  • Just add a NAT port forwarding rule in Firewall > NAT > Port Forward
    Interface: WAN
    Protocol: presumably TCP is sufficient
    Destination: WAN address
    Destination port range:
    From port: Other 2302
    To port: Other 2306
    Redirect target IP:
    Redirect target port: Other 2302

    Enter a description and select "Add associated filter rule" at the bottom and save it.

  • Thanks for the reply!

    Ok so I tried this but I had the redirect IP set to (gaming Server IP) I will change this to the PFsense IP and try that.

    Thanks again! Been beating my head on the wall for a couple days on this.

  • Yes, the redirect IP has to be that one of the gaming server, of course. Sorry for confusion.

  • Thanks for the clarification! Still no luck :(

    I turned the firewall off on the Windows gaming server so I could be sure that wasn't causing an issue. I have setup Arma 3 servers before without issue but this time with PFsense I am not able to get it working. This is the rule that I created (see pfsense image below).

    I also went into my home router and made the IP of my PFsense server a DMZ address...which I believe passes all ports to that IP (see ASUS image below)..

    Thanks for your assistance so far! There has to be a way that I can test the route from my home router to the gaming server? I'm just not sure how to do it...



  • You can use Diagnostic > Packet Capture on pfSense to check if the packets arrive on its WAN interface and also if and how they leave on the internal interface facing to the gaming server.

  • Thanks! So after some testing it is working fine for my friend... But for some reason I cannot connect... Any ideas why?

    I have turned off "Block private networks and loopback addresses" and "Block bogon networks"...

    WAN	udp	24.112.XXX.XXX:2304 -> (	MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE	1.502 K / 4.287 K	153 KiB / 1.14 Mi
    WAN	udp -> (	SINGLE:MULTIPLE	1 / 1	64 B / 60 B	
    WAN	udp -> (	MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE	5 / 253	1 KiB / 119 KiB

  • Looks strange for me. That are only the states. Why don't you post packet captures, which are more informative.

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