Problem trying to scp

  • Hi there, I can not get fish or scp to work. Yes I am using root and I can ssh fine. Im using 1.2.1
    When using scp, I get "No such file or directory"

    thanks, tom

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    Hi there, I can not get fish or scp to work. Yes I am using root and I can ssh fine. Im using 1.2.1
    When using scp, I get "No such file or directory"


    Since yours is a different issue, you may want to start a new thread with a more in-depth description of your issue. Hijacking another thread is less likely to get you a response, as the original poster's problem has been resolved.

  • I don't go for Jimp's hijacking claim. Seeking a second opinion:,13972.0.html

    Lets keep this thread on task of finding solutions on the scp issue with 1.2.x if you think i should or shouldnt start a new thread, let me know at the above.

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    Looks like a mod split the thread, that works too. :)

    So are you just using fish, or are you using scp from the CLI? If from the CLI, what is the exact command you used?

    It might help to know what files you are trying to copy as well.

  • Hey there, thanks for the help.

    I was trying both fish and cli scp. As for scp, I was following "scp sourcefile root@pfsense:directory/targetfile" from my workstation, but I also tried to pull the file from pfsense via "scp tom@bob:directory/sourcefile targetfile"

    The files concerned are:

    So, its not a ssh or access issue, because ssh works fine. I am using root user. Im pretty confident in my usage of scp and fish. I have used fish on 1.2.1 RCs….

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    Hmm, it works OK for me with that file:

    jim@loki:~/tmp$ scp root@ .
    dyndns.class                                                                                      100%   29KB  28.7KB/s   00:00    
    jim@loki:~/tmp$ scp dyndns.class root@  
    dyndns.class                                                                                      100%   29KB  28.7KB/s   00:00    

  • It works for me to. I am using pscp and winSCP trough IPSec tunnel.

    C:\Documents and Settings\sbaksa>"C:\Program Files\PuTTY\pscp" root@ d.c
    Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
    d.c                      | 28 kB |  28.7 kB/s | ETA: 00:00:00 | 100%

    C:\Documents and Settings\sbaksa>dir
    Volume in drive C is System
    Volume Serial Number is FC6E-19FE

    Directory of C:\Documents and Settings\sbaksa

    01.02.2009  17:30

    <dir>          .
    01.02.2009  17:30

    <dir>          ..
    01.02.2009  17:30            29.403 d.c
    19.01.2009  21:03

    <dir>          Desktop
    14.12.2008  19:20

    <dir>          Favorites
    25.01.2009  19:04

    <dir>          My Documents
    07.01.2009  20:49              445 regwizard.log
    07.01.2009  20:49            3.030 sanct.log
    17.12.2008  19:46

    <dir>          Start Menu
                  3 File(s)        32.878 bytes
                  6 Dir(s)  72.352.329.728 bytes free</dir>






  • hello, yes, i have used fish to copy keys to the pfsense box when i was setting openvpn…. not sure how a broke it.... :)

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    It might help to see exactly what command line you are using for scp and the error that results. Or try it exactly how I did in my prior post. I'm not doubting your ability to use the commands, I just think that some extra clarification and information will help.

    It works fine for me with via fish as well:


    Pulls up a list of files in /etc/inc, though I had to wait a few seconds for it to prompt me about accepting the key and then a few more seconds to enter the password.

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