Avahi - Android APP not capturing broadcast from Player

  • I have a Squeezebox that I use to play music on my system when I'm home with the spotify plugin. This works great on the PCs (running Windows and Debian) and on the Android when I'm home.

    At the moment I had the need to split my network into 2 networks, to Guests and my main network, but I still what people that get to my home, to play music into my system. I use avahi to do this, this allows me to route the browdcast from my spotify players to other networks, this way all networks are able to play in the same player. This works great on my PC's (Windows and Debian). When I broadcast the packages with avahi, the player appears in all networsk spotify apps, and I'm able to play music in them. On Android I can check that the packages are beeing delivered with ZeroConfig, but the app does not display the players. I don't have a Iphone, so I can't test it in IOS.

    Please note that in both cenarions, Android and PC, the players are not in the same network as the Device (Android and PC), but in the PC the players appears, but in the Android it does not.

    I'm using Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1 and Spotty plugin 2.3.7 version. I have my account configured on the Spotty plugin (I can control and access my media and libraries) and I don't have selected the option to "Don't announce".

    Thank You all

  • Just to add up:

    I have only show local players disabled in the Spotify app, and I have "Don't announce Squeezebox players..." disabled in the Spotty plugin. I can see the packages being broadcasted to the network. In my desktop I can see the players when I'm in a different network and I enabled Avahi in pfsense (when I disable Avahi the player disappears, this is correct). In Android the player never appears, even when I have avahi enabled.

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