DNS blocks RFC1918 answers [SOLVED]

  • Hey guys,

    I'm new here, forgive me for any rule breaking.

    I have pfsense running an isolated enclave that hangs off of a 10/8, so it goes: -> (WAN) pfsense (LAN) <- I'll call "corp", I'll call "local" (it's not really set to "local", I promise)

    I have DHCP working appropriately, linked with DNS. But I have 2 1 problems:

    1) Sometimes when querying from "local" to "corp" for names (some-server.corp), pfsense suffixes the "corp" name with my "local" -> some-server.corp.domain
    IE "nslookup some-server.corp" goes to pfsense, which turns the query into "nslookup some-server.corp.local"
    Obviously, the "corp" dns servers have no clue what this is, and return NXDOMAIN.

    tcpdump from pfsense-LAN connection (labeled sequentially with (#)):
    (1) IP local-server.local.53610 > pfSense.local.domain: 4550+ A? some-server.corp. (35)
    (4) IP pfSense.local.domain > local-server.local.53610: 4550 NXDomain 0/0/0 (35)

    tcpdump from pfsense WAN connection:
    (2) IP pfsense-WAN.51204 > dns.corp.domain: 13545+ A? some-server.corp.local. (56)
    (3) IP dns.corp.domain > 13545 NXDomain 0/1/0 (131)

    1. If I query from "local" to "corp", "nslookup some-other-server.corp" and the answer from the "corp" dns servers is in, pfsense strips the answer and forwards "no answer" to the "local" server.

    tcpdump from pfsense-LAN connection (labeled sequentially with (#)):
    (1) IP local-server.local.47286 > pfSense.local.domain: 8139+ A? some-server.corp. (39)
    (4) IP pfSense.local.domain > local-server.local.47286: 8139* 0/0/0 (39)

    tcpdump from pfsense WAN connection:
    (2) IP pfsense-WAN.60531 > some-server.corp.domain: 9225+ A? some-server.corp. (39)
    (3) IP some-server.corp.domain > pfsense-WAN.60531: 9225* 1/0/0 A 10.X.X.X (55)

    I'm using the DNS Forwarder. The following are enabled: Enable DNS forwarder, Register DHCP leases in DNS Forwarder, Register DHCPstatic mappings in DNS Forwarder, Resolve DHCP mappings first, Query DNS servers sequentially, Require domain. Interfaces is set to "All".

    Please help!


    UPDATE: A reboot seems to have solved issue #1. Ghost in the Machine, perhaps? I've edited the post title accordingly.

    UPDATE 2: FIXED! I was unaware of DNS Rebinding attacks or of pfSense's protections against it. Here's a link to the docs: https://www.netgate.com/docs/pfsense/dns/dns-rebinding-protections.html

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