XG-7100 SFP module - 1Gbps?

  • Hi, we purchased a XG-7100, along with several Intel-compatible SFP modules (specifically, these ones from fs.com: https://www.fs.com/products/36432.html). I had thought, based off my conversations with support prior to purchasing, that using those SFP modules would allow us to connect to our existing 1Gbps fiber, but looking at the Speed and Duplex settings for the interface I’m only seeing ‘autoselect’ and ‘10Gbase-Twinax’. Does the XG-7100 only support 10G for those two ports? or is there some magic I can do to get it to run at 1Gbps?

  • We have the XG-1537 and support mentioned something similar:

    There should not be any issues with that. Depending on the modules you might need to hard-set the port to 1Gbit/sec and, possibly, set some sysctl settings on the port to allow the third-party module.

    As for which sysctl settings, I am completely unsure at this point. 🤔

  • I haven’t been able to get 1Gb copper or 1Gb fiber to work. Apparently they’re working on compatibility issues and are expecting new boards that will address some of the issues. You’ll probably want to work directly with support on this.

  • We tried hard-setting the port and tried different duplex settings to no avail. Testing with different transceiver now…


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