XG-7100 SFP module - 1Gbps?

  • Hi, we purchased a XG-7100, along with several Intel-compatible SFP modules (specifically, these ones from fs.com: https://www.fs.com/products/36432.html). I had thought, based off my conversations with support prior to purchasing, that using those SFP modules would allow us to connect to our existing 1Gbps fiber, but looking at the Speed and Duplex settings for the interface I'm only seeing 'autoselect' and '10Gbase-Twinax'. Does the XG-7100 only support 10G for those two ports? or is there some magic I can do to get it to run at 1Gbps?

  • We have the XG-1537 and support mentioned something similar:

    There should not be any issues with that. Depending on the modules you might need to hard-set the port to 1Gbit/sec and, possibly, set some sysctl settings on the port to allow the third-party module.

    As for which sysctl settings, I am completely unsure at this point. 🤔

  • I haven't been able to get 1Gb copper or 1Gb fiber to work. Apparently they're working on compatibility issues and are expecting new boards that will address some of the issues. You'll probably want to work directly with support on this.

  • We tried hard-setting the port and tried different duplex settings to no avail. Testing with different transceiver now...

  • After working directly with support, They have informed me that the XG7100 SFP only works in 10Gb config. It will not auto negotiate to 1Gb. They are working on a new board and it will be coming around the beginning to middle of July. This is a known issue for them. Even forcing the connection to 1Gb will not work.
    Only 10Gb to 10Gb will work until the board is RMA.

  • @amorris Thanks for reporting that back! I've been on vacation so I was unable to follow up. I guess I'll continue on with my current setup until we hear more from Netgate...

  • Just worked with Netgate and had them replace the boards in our 7100 HA pair. This fixed the issue entirely. I would contact Netgate and see if you can get an RMA started. They have a line on the RMA process thou and they are getting the a few boards at a time in shipment.

    Thanks Netgate for fixing this issue and getting us online again!

  • @amorris Thank you for following up! This is awesome. I'll get in touch with support and see what we can do. Thanks!

  • Are the new boards that support 1Gbps shipping?

    Mine was shipped to me around 7/16/18.

    And is there any way of knowing if my board supports 1Gbps SFP from the CLI or Web UI?

  • Update: As of last week, I've shipped our firewall back to Netgate so they can replace the board with one that supports 1Gb and 10Gb SFP modules. Had to put our old firewall back into production until I get it back but wasn't that big of a deal.

    @hexadecagram Good question, I'm not sure. I would guess that new boards would support it but I really have no idea--you might check with Netgate support/sales. As far as whether or not knowing your board supports 1Gbps SFP, I would think that you'd be able to check the dropdown on the interface settings to see if the option is there--if you see more than 'autoselect' and '10Gbase-Twinax' you should be good to go.

  • Did it work with a 1 Gbps SFP? Are all new XG-7100 shipped with the new boards?

  • We have since purchased a few more, and all of them are shipped with working 1Gbps sfp negotiations. So yes, at least in our case, the new ones work perfect as they should.

  • @Amorris or (any one here) could you please give a link to 1Gbps SPF modules that you are using? I have no success to find this.

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