problems with outbound and private address

  • Hello,
    I have a pfsense 2.4.3, with a manual outbound configured. So far everything has worked well masking private addresses to go internet. My problem starts when I need to connect to a videoconference system. The person who manages the system tells me that in his system what he sees is the private address from where I am connecting.

    Is it necessary to do something extra to the pfsense so that it does not look private ip?regards

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    that has something to do in your software.. has zero to do in pfsense. Can not talk from rfc1918 to public internet... Its no possible..

    Why would you have configured manual outbound?

    Sounds like something in your software like in ftp when you do a passive or active connection for the data side where the server or the client tells the other how to connect for the data channel. The server or client ftp software has to be configured correctly with the public IP address and not the devices actual rfc1918 address.

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