Unable to reach server via hostname only IP

  • I posted this over at the ubuntu forums but am not having any luck. Since I'm not having any luck there I thought I'd try here. Maybe for some reason it's a router issue and not a server issue. Can post any sort of output needed. I'm going out on a limb posting this here. I doubt it's the router since I can access my router via https://pfsense

    Here is the setup.

    PfSense as the firewall/router.
    1 Desktop running Vista
    2 Laptops (wireless) running vista and XP/ubuntu
    1 Ubuntu 8.10 Server.

    I'm using DHCP on my server with mac assigned IPs from the router.
    I have Samba installed and working.
    I'm unable to ping via hostname from server to windows machine.

    I'm able to ping my server when I use an IP. This however, wasn't always the case. About a week ago I was running off a DD WRT linksys router and everything was going great. One day, out of the blue I wasn't able to reach my server via hostname.

    I checked my basic settings. Everything seemed right.

    I checked my winbind settings. All great.

    Checked my dhclient.conf for send hostname. All fine.

    Tried adding .local to the end of the hostname and no luck.

    When I try and ping from windows I get this.

    C:\ping storage01
    Ping request could not find host storage01. Please check the name and try again.


    Maybe I'll get lucky and find a linux guy here  ;D

  • Is the hostname listed in status -> DHCP leases
    Not much of a post http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,12767.0.html
    I do recall having some problem on a ubuntu server with it's hostname not showing in pfSense, but just can't recall what I did or didn't do….....

  • It is listed. When I set up my static DHCP lease I made sure to put in a hostname.

    I'll look thru that post and see if I get any further.

    It's driving me nuts!

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