Confused about pfSense DNS Forwarder

  • Hi all,

    I have a MiniPC setup with pfSense (2.4.3) and OpenVPN with VPN.AC being my VPN Provider. All LAN -> Internet traffic goes via the VPN.

    I am using the DNS Forwarder and the DNS Resolver is disabled. Also there are no DNS Servers configured in the DHCP Server page. Hence DHCP is using the IP of the pfSense Router for DNS.

    Up until recently a DNS Leak test would show the DNS Servers like this:
    alt text

    which is correct as it is using the DNS Resolvers/Servers of VPN.AC.

    A recent DNS Leak Test showed this:
    alt text

    The only way I was able to remove the OpenDNS Servers shown above was to add them into the DHCP Server config:
    alt text

    The General|SetUp page remains unchanged as:
    alt text

    Why the sudden change as I have not changed anything in pfSense?



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