SSD boot time

  • Is there an actual benefit (time wise) in booting pfsense from an ssd rather than a hdd?

    I need to have pfsense back online in the less amount of time possible when power outages are longer than what the ups can hold.


  • I have found that to be the case here. My HP thinclient box boots at about 2/3 time that my XTM5 does.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, it is quicker. The part where it's loading data form the drive is obviously significantly quicker.
    A lot of the boot process is not loading from the driver though and that is limited by the CPU speed mostly.

    If it has to run a pkg update that will be quicker from SSD.

    You can remove/reduce the boot delay in a few places to speed things up. Probably some BIOS tweaks there too.


  • @areynot Well I sure hope so, 'cuz otherwise they've been lying to us of all these benefits of solid state drives. Now whether 30 seconds is that important to you... but pfsense doesn't need a big SSD, am running on a 16G that cost me usd$10, was no brainer, now if you are running on a VM... ur decision.

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